Rosebud Tiny House Model

Welcome to the Rosebud from Hummingbird Tiny Housing. The Rosebud Tiny home is 363 square feet, 26 feet long X 8ft.5in. wide made from Eastern White Pine, 2 lofts and 2 full closets with additional storage under the built-in-steps.

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Rosebud Tiny home is a custom built 26ft X 8.5ft X 13.4ft gabled roof design home built in 2014. It has a 12 foot bedroom loft with a set of storage cubie stairs and a 3ft storage loft, A clam shell porch, custom made front door, A pull out storage cabinet, 12ft of Kitchen counter top, 25in. Coolinary kitchen sink, gas oven, fold up table, 10 cubic refrigerator, residential flush toilet, fiberglass shower insert, 1x12 stained eastern white pine floors.

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Standard Features

We build our TINY Homes with the same attention to detail and thoroughness as we did for 30 years building residential homes. We start with the most important part of any home build the foundation. All of our homes are built on a custom designed trailer based on the floor plan. Our homes are 2x4 construction with 16 in on center suds, once our walls are stood up we put minimum of 6 tie down braces, each 2x4 and rafter has hurricane brackets on them, all of our homes are screw together, we use impact resistant windows, we use ecofriendly roll batting insulation. Each of our Homes are inspected and certified built right. When you get a quote from us we include standard: basic window package (number of windows depends on design), galvalume metal roof, basic lap siding, 1x12 eastern white pine flooring, 10 cubic refrigerator, 2 burner cook top, 25 in stainless steel sink, basic kitchen sink faucet, residential toilet, 24 in bathroom cabinet with sink and faucet, small standard mirror, fiberglass shower insert with standard faucets, outside flood lights, 26ft and above open stairs.

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