Hummingbird TINY Housing LLC
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Danville, GA

Efficient Mobile Homes

With the properties from Hummingbird TINY Housing LLC of Danville, Georgia, you get to bring all the comforts of home wherever you go! We build one-of-a-kind Tiny mobile homes that are designed with you in mind.

All the Comforts of Home

Crafted from 6” pine wood on the outside and 2”x4” pine boards on the inside, our houses provide all the comforts you expect from a traditional home, with the added bonus of being portable! This means we add special design features to make living on-the-go as easy as possible.

We install cupboard doors in the kitchens to protect your dishes and we add both gray and black water tanks. For your power needs, you can pull up to an RV park and connect to any sewer, electricity, water, or generator systems.

Contact us in Danville, Georgia, to find out more about our convenient mobile homes.